>>Another Green first for Boulder?
July 14, 2008, 9:43 pm
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A news item that slipped under the national radar back in January is about to pay off: Large new houses in Boulder County, Colo., will be required to meet a zero-net energy standard, beginning next month.

Boulder voters and officials have long kicked around the idea of banning new homes over 5,000 square feet, as resource hogs. Property rights advocates have protested that wealthy residents ought to be free to do with their own property what they wish. The compromise has been to allow large new homes — as long as they generate their own energy.

Another first for Boulder?


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I think this news will HIT BIG nationally on/after the day it really happens. Behind the scenes it has been shocking to planning organizations around the country who thought Boulder was crazy. Boulder residents should be VERY PROUD leading the way into the 21st century. Whereas initially the goal looks outrageous to many, it will become normal and routine building practices faster than we think as fuel prices go up.. The new technologies and new materials to create net zero homes will have the trickle affect down to the masses as the mass production goes up. Someone had to start it. Congrats to Boulder county and all the cities. John Avenson

Comment by John Avenson

So, is it zero-net energy for each square foot over 5,000 sq ft? Or — if you want to build a 5,001 sq ft building you have to have independent power for the whole thing?

Sounds like interesting legislation – I’ll be excited to see how it develops.

Comment by Dave Cole

Go over 5000 sq ft and the whole project has to be zero-net.

Comment by Seth Masia

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