>>Yamavolt: Motor in
August 13, 2008, 2:49 am
Filed under: Electric fun

I ran the plywood pattern for the motor mount over to a welding shop and they cut the two plates from quarter-inch aluminum sheet. They plates bolted up perfectly to the frame with 8mm bolts. I rolled the motor into place and snugged it down with a long hose clamp. I chose this motor in part because its outside radius is a perfect match for the radius of the original steel motor mount plates — my aluminum cradle simply extends that radius forward to link up with the downtube. I’m going to bolt a short flat link to the left face to keep the motor from torquing under acceleration — and regen deceleration. The link will also locate the motor mass laterally.

All the parts are here, save the sprockets, batteries and cables. I’ll round those up this week and bolt up a framework to hold the batteries, using aluminum angle stock. The “lightening holes” in the motor mount arms are really there so I’ll have someplace to fasten the bottom end of the battery support — and also a way to bolt on a kick stand. Because the motor hangs out on the right side of the bike, I’ll cant the batteries a bit to the left for balance.

On Thursday I ordered the chain and sprockets. The rear chainwheel is a huge 72-tooth custom-made pizza platter, but it will slip right onto the rear wheel with the original four-bolt pattern. The drive sprocket is a more-or-less standard size 13-tooth Yamaha item but I’ll have to drill out the splined center hole to fit the 7/8″ keyway electric motor shaft.


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