>>Yamavolt progress
August 22, 2008, 6:16 pm
Filed under: Electric fun

The sprockets and batteries are in. I bolted up the big custom-made 72-tooth rear chainwheel and it’s a perfect fit. There’s barely enough clearance for the chain to pass the rear shock absorber spring, so I’m going to fiddle up a set of bushings for the shock mounting, to move the whole unit outboard about a quarter inch. The 13-tooth power sprocket is another matter. It’s a standard Yamaha part made to fit the output shaft of a Yamaha transmission. I dropped it off at a local machine shop to get it mated to the electric motor output shaft. The shaft needs to be turned down and the sprocket bored out to match. Then I need a collar with a set-screw to hold the sprocket in place. This is far more expensive than just boring out the sprocket and spot-welding it in place, but it will allow me to replace the sprocket to play with the gearing.

The four 12-volt 18-amp-hour batteries arrived in one 50 lb. box. Over the weekend I’ll start building the framework to hold them, and wire them up to the controller and throttle. In theory, late next week I’ll be able to slide the motor back in, hook up the drive chain and cables, and ride off into the future.


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