>>Yamavolt wiring
September 11, 2008, 12:37 am
Filed under: Electric fun

I’m about halfway into wiring it all up. I have wiring diagrams from D&D, the motor manufacturer, and Alltrax, the controller company. But the diagrams assume the system is going into a souped-up golf cart, and they don’t specify things like wire gauges. I’m trying to mate heavy cables with assorted connecting devices, and wondering why a heavy high-amperage bolt-on terminal at the motor end of a 6-gauge wire has to mate up with a wimpy little slip-on terminal at the controller end. I envision closing the power switch and watching the thing burn.

There’s also a handful of resistors and slow-blow fuses and switches, all from Radio Shack, all needing to be soldered in at appropriate places. Once it’s all wired up and running I’ll have to create a reasonably weather-proof housing for the nest of wires, and find a safe place to mount the switches.

Onward . . .


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