>>Renewable industries offer to-do list for incoming politicos
November 13, 2008, 4:11 pm
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Renewable industry execs are putting together wish-lists for quick government action after Democrats take over Congress and the White House in January.

According to Matt Nauman, writing in the San Jose Mercury-News, SunPower VP Julie Blunden has asked Barack Obama to put PV panels on the White House roof. The symbolism would be strong for solar advocates, who recall the day Ronald Reagan had Jimmie Carter’s solar array torn down.

And Washington-based advocacy organizations released the following joint statement:

The leaders of the American Wind Energy Association, Geothermal Energy Association, National Hydropower Association and Solar Energy Industries Association today released the following statement:

The fast-growing renewable energy sector is poised to help lead the U.S. economic recovery with millions of new jobs and billions of private investment dollars. However, the new Administration and Congress need to take action to ensure that the renewable industries’ growth continues, given the current economic realities.

President-elect Obama has made a commitment to key policies that will spur substantial growth in America’s clean renewable energy industries and create millions of new jobs.  Building upon these key policies, the renewable energy industries’ top priorities for the Obama Administration and the 111th Congress include:

  • Immediate Action: Adjust renewable energy tax credit policies so incentives work as intended given current economic conditions.

  • 111th Congress:
  • Adopt a national renewable electricity (portfolio) standard to ensure that at least 10 percent of electricity consumed in the U.S. is derived from renewable energy sources by 2012, and at least 25 percent by 2025;
  • Approve a minimum five-year extension of the federal renewable energy production tax credit (PTC) and additional funding for the Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) program;
  • Issue an Executive Order expanding federal procurement of renewable energy generation to meet the government’s substantial energy supply needs;
  • Launch a major initiative to support investment in our nation’s interstate electrical grid infrastructure and smart-grid technology to deliver green energy from areas with renewable resources to population centers and to support distributed power generation;
  • Invest $30 billion in 2009 for financing options that support new project development and installations for all renewable energy technologies as part of the Administration’s commitment to investment of $150 billion over the next ten years in clean energy technologies;
  • Adopt a cap-and-trade regime to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that rewards production of clean renewable energy.

If the Administration and Congress can quickly implement these policies, renewable energy growth will help turn around the economic decline while at the same time addressing some of our most pressing national security and environmental problems.  Expansion of renewable energy production will mean billions of dollars in economic growth, millions of new jobs, enhanced energy security as we increase domestic energy production, and critically important progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Randall Swisher, Executive Director, American Wind Energy Association,, 202.383.2508
  • Karl Gawell, Executive Director, Geothermal Energy Association,, 202.454.5261
  • Linda Church Ciocci, Executive Director, National Hydropower Association,, 202.682.1700
  • Rhone Resch, President, Solar Energy Industries Association,, 202.682.0556

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We must not as a nation forget the role the high cost of our dependence on foreign fuel played in the demise of our automakers. The exorbitant cost of gas the past year has done serious damage to our economy and society. We need to take lessons from our mistakes.WE also need to get out from under the grip our dependence on fore gin oil has on us. Why not take some of these billions and invest in America becoming energy independent. Driving an electric car would cost the equivalent of 60 cents a gallon. The electricity could be generated by solar or wind power. Green technology would create millions of badly needed new jobs. What America needs is a green revolution. It is time for us to move forward with alternative energy. I just read Jeff Wilson’s new book The Manhattan Project of 2009. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is concerned about the downward spiral of our economy and it’s effect on our society and would like to see our country become energy independent!

Comment by sherry

Effective Dec. 9, 2008, the SOLAR TODAY blog has moved to

Comment by Seth Masia

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