This blog is maintained by the staff of SOLAR TODAY magazine, “The Voice of the Renewable Energy Community.”

SOLAR TODAY is an award-winning magazine published by the American Solar Energy Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the use of solar energy, energy efficiency, and other sustainable technologies in the United States.

The SOLAR TODAY Blog is a discussion forum and a medium for immediate news. The blog does NOT compete with the Associated Press, nor is it a venue for unedited press releases. We post an item here when it’s important to the renewable energy community but doesn’t carry the kind of clout that would get it into a mainstream medium. We’ll also post a news analysis when it triggers some connections that wouldn’t be obvious to a mainstream reporter, editor or blogger.

In short, we post items that don’t rise to the level of mainstream journalism, or that transcend it. We exist above and below the mainstream consciousness.


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We are interested to subscribe for SOLARTODAY. Kindly let us know the details.

thanks & regards,

Jalpa Kansara
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

Comment by Jalpa Kansara

SOLAR TODAY is mailed to members of the American Solar Energy Society. Join the Society at

Comment by Seth Masia

Climate Change, will promote the discussion to explore opportunities for advancing the global environment, adopting specific climate action plans.
Global climate change is one of the most important issues that we will face this century.
We are exploring technologies and strategies that will work in pro of a growing world-wide movement to reduce greenhouse gases.
SOLAR ENERGY is the cleanest source of energy, the development of new ways to produce solar energy is in its best moment, the changes in the way of life we are living at this time will be tremendous, the technology is growing at the maximum speed and we have to live according with those changes.

Eduardo A. Carvajal Torbay
Ecotech llc.

Comment by Eduardo A Carvajal

Installed Solar Hot water heater, Radiant Barrier, Solar Tinting, and many other conservation items in our home since 1978; collected all the tax breaks and have saved enough to pay for 4-seven day cruises with my wife, plus added a 300 sq foot porch onto our home. All from the money we did not have to pay to the utility company in our community. Hope this answers the questions for those who still doubt the effectiveness of conservation! Go Green!

Comment by Paul Sicca

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